We invite you to taste the magic of Greece with our potent range of wild herbal teas. 


Carefully sourced from the Island of Crete and the Olympus ranges our tea will take you on a sensory journey to the ancient fertile lands of Greece.  


Greek herbal tea has a long history of medicinal use dating back to Hippocrates. These special herbs are revered for their incredible health properties. A daily staple, herbal tea is an important part of the Mediterranean diet and is perhaps one of Greece’s best kept health secrets. 

Our range includes Mountain Tea, Greek Sage, Dictamnus and Folke - a custom blend of herbs and flowers.

Naturally caffeine free, our teas are all loose leaf, in their pure form with no additives, chemicals or artificial ingredients to ensure that you receive the highest quality and optimal health benefits. 

Discover a new way to enjoy tea with Eoswellbeing’s unique, premium tea. 


Founded by Catherine and Neil Thompson, Eoswellbeing was born out of a desire to bring the potent teas of Greece to everyone. Travelling to Greece to immerse themselves in Catherine’s cultural background they had the joy of regularly experiencing Greek herbal tea. This provided the inspiration to create the company and share the wonderful benefits of the tea with others. Eoswellbeing’s mission is to source the highest grade herbal Greek teas so you too can experience the magic of Greece.


Eoswellbeing is named after “Eos”, the goddess of the rising sun, symbolising a new awakening of health and wellbeing.

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