δίκταμο -  "Dictamo" 

Origanum Dictamnus 


Dictamnus, also known as Dittany is a unique plant that is only found on the island of Crete. 


Dictamnus is characterised by round, woolly green leaves and vibrant pink flowers which bloom in Summer and Autumn. It has a spicy, fragrant flavour profile



Dictamnus symbolises love in Cretan culture. It is known as "Erontas" in the Cretan dialect which translates to love. Because the plant grows at such high altitude, it is difficult to find and dangerous to pick. Therefore is was seen as an act of devotion and love to bring this beautiful herb to your beloved. 


Dictamnus health benefits may include:


  • helps soothe cold and flu
  • digestive aid
  • helps to soothe stomach problems
  • aphrodisiac
  • antiseptic properties
  • anti-spasmodic properties
  • antimicrobial properties


In ancient times Hippocrates prescribed Dictamnus for stomach aches, digestive problems and to heal wounds. 


Naturally caffeine free. 


Loose leaf tea in its pure form, naturally dried with no additives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. This tea has NOT been irradiated.






  • Brew for 3-5 minutes at 100 degrees celcius. We recommend using filtered water to brew your tea to ensure a pure, clean taste. 

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