Greek Sage

Φασκόμηλο - "Faskomilo"

Salvia Fructicosa 


Considered a cure all herb by the Ancient Greeks, Sage has a long history of use in Greece as a medicinal herb. The botanical name for Sage is derived from the Latin salvere meaning "to heal or redeem". Greek Sage is unique and has a strong aromatic flavour that is spicy and sharp. 


Sage health benefits may include:


  • soothes coughs and colds
  • antiseptic properties
  • anti depressive properties
  • anti inflammatory properties
  • helps to improve liver and digestive function
  • high in antioxidants 


Please consult with your doctor before consuming sage during pregnancy. 


Naturally caffeine free.


Loose tea in its pure form, naturally dried with no additives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. This tea has NOT been irradiated. 




  • Brew for 3-5 minutes ar 100 degrees celsius.

    Greek Sage yields 3-4 brews, the second brew is often stronger.

    Greek Sage is strong and may be an acquired taste, you can add a little honey to sweeten. If steeped for too long Sage can become bitter. 


  • 50 grams

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