• Catherine Thompson

Lessons from Ikaria - the Greek Island of community, health and joy.

Having recently returned from a trip to Greece, co-founder and owner Catherine shares her lessons from Ikaria - the Greek island where people forget to die and time stands still.

Catherine writes:

We arrived in Ikaria eager to swim and soak up the sweet delights of the Aegean sea.

As often happens here the island had other plans for us. Strong winds were creating dangerous waves and currents even by Australian standards making swimming out of the question. I love how the sea displays such a vast range of energy and emotion - much like ourselves. A reminder that all feelings and emotions are valid and have meaning and purpose, even our darker ones. But remember - feelings come and go and they don’t define who you are.

The biggest lesson that keeps popping up here in Ikaria is to go with the flow and release the perceived control that we think we have over our lives. The saying “relax, nothing is under control” is so incredibly true here. Being on this island can be challenging at times as we have been so conditioned in the west to live from our heads, always be on the go and under the pump. The island reminds you, sometimes forcibly that this is all an illusion, that what really matters is being completely present in the moment and being truly connected with people and the land. Thank you Ikaria for these lessons and for all the incredible experiences.

This island is Greece on another level; the warmth and hospitality of the people, the next level food, the connection and community, the parties, the incredible variety of natural beauty. Ikaria you are a gem and I’m so grateful for all the amazing experiences.

So this is me, gazing out to Nas Beach, desperate for a swim but standing in awe and in humbleness of this island and the awesome power of our Earth, doing my best to stay present in this moment.

Ps, there have been beautiful calm days and we have had some beautiful swims since 😍

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