• Catherine Thompson

Cretan Dictamnus – The Herb of Love

Dictamnus, the herb of love, is an incredible plant that only grows on the island of Crete. Dictamnus (also know as dittany) is a powerful healing and restorative herb and is mentioned in numerous ancient texts. Dittany comes from the Ancient Greek 'δίκταμνον' (dictamon), and is named after Dicte Mountain in Crete where the plant grows. In the Cretan dialect it is know as έρωντας (erontas, "love"). Its healing properties have, since the 4th century BC, been typically extracted from its essence and applied topically to heal shallow and moderate wounds. Dictamnus is characterised by round, woolly green leaves and vibrant pink flowers which bloom in Summer and Autumn. Dictamnus Origamum is not to be confused with common dittany - known as Dictamnus Albus or Burning Bush, which is a different plant and genus.

In the Harry Potter series of novels, dittany is referenced many times. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Dittany is spoken of as a magical plant used in Potion-Making and is a powerful healing and restorative herb. Its use makes fresh skin grow over a wound and after application the wound already seems several days old. Hermione Granger uses Essence of Dittany to heal Ron Weasley’s arm when he injures it during the trios escape from the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

At Eos Wellbeing, we are pleased to offer you Cretan Dictmanus, which is unique to the mountainsides and gorges of the Greek island. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates prescribed Cretan Dittany for a wide variety of ailments including for stomach aches and digestive issues as well as a for healing wounds and inducing menstruation. Thought to be an aphrodisiac, it is also fabled that passionate young lovers, known as erondades (love seekers) scoured the mountainsides and deep gorges gathering bunches of the pink blooms to present as love tokens. Remaining highly prized, it is now exported for use in pharmaceuticals, perfumery and to flavour beverages such as vermouth and absinthe.

Dictamnus is a beautiful herb to drink as a tea and has a light, spicy flavour profile. Dictamnus supports your health in the following ways:

  • helps soothe cold and flu

  • digestive aid

  • helps to soothe stomach problems

  • aphrodisiac

  • antiseptic properties

  • anti-spasmodic properties

  • antimicrobial properties

We hope you enjoy this soothing Cretan tea, available now in our online shop as a single tea and in our 'Folke' blend.

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