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A Good Night Means A Better Day

It’s no secret that sleep is crucial to our health, but it often gets overlooked when we set our health and wellness goals on the first of January, in favour of green juices and a higher step count.

Sleep is needed to heal and repair your blood vessels, muscles, heart and other organs. Resting your mind allows your brain to function optimally when you’re awake, improving your memory, decision-making and creativity.

While it’s unanimous that we all love sleeping, actually falling asleep can sometimes be a problem. Busy lives mean even busier minds, and shutting off is nowhere near easy. A nighttime routine is therefore the answer for many people, as the familiar pattern signals the brain that your body is preparing for sleep.

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A nighttime routine will look different for different people, for example, a college student staying in a hostel compared to a mother of four. You need to try out different steps to determine what works best for you to ultimately wind down and call it a night.

We have assembled this short guide of various things you can try out and experiment with. Remember, the sequence and duration should be completely as per what works for you.

Set an alarm

Decide on a time that you want to go to bed. Then, set an alarm with enough time for you to do your nighttime routine so that you can be in bed on time. This will get your body used to the pattern of winding down.

Turn off electronics

TV, phone and laptop screens emit something called blue light. While this is totally fine during day, the blue light stimulates the body’s circadian rhythm and can lower melatonin levels. This can promote sleeplessness and delayed REM sleep.

sleep wellbeing tea holistic health

Read a book

Instead of reaching for your phone, commit to reading for a few minutes or a set number of pages each night. Including reading in your nighttime routine can help you relax and forget about all the other stressors on your mind.

Do some stretches

Whether it’s simply touch-the-sky-touch-your-toes a few times, or doing some yoga, Youtube has an extensive selection of stretching videos at any length to suit your schedule. This can release and relax the muscles, especially those tightened up from sitting behind a desk all day.

Do your skincare

Some people feel that splashing water on their face wakes them up, but others find the warm water soothing. Either way, massaging moisturisers or oils into your skin before bed is a good way of nourishing your skin, and giving yourself some love.

Use essential oils

Speaking of oils, essential oils and aromatherapy are used regularly to help with managing stress. You can apply the oil to your skin or use a diffuser to spread the smell around your whole room. There is a whole host of fragrances to choose from, but lavender is particularly known for its soothing and calming properties.

Drink a cup of herbal tea

Children often drink warm milk before bed to encourage sleep, and in adults, herbal tea has the same effect. Sage is a favourite among many, and while many prefer the convenience of a teabag, you could instead opt for an infuser and soak the tea leaves yourself as part of your self-care, winding down routine.

About Michael Nguyen, Founder + Owner of Feel Good Nation

Nguyen was working in hospitality and nightclubs for over 10 years when he needed a change. His daily smile started to shift towards a smirk after the long nights starting from 11pm and finishing at 7am, dealing with drunk people.

One Friday Nguyen tried his first float, finishing at 5:30pm on one of the busiest streets in Sydney. Prior to the float he was full of road rage, blasting music and just bitter in general. After the float he realised he had nothing on, and drove home, with no music, no road rage, smiling and waving as people tried to cut in front, and had the best sleep of the year. It was at this point he realised he needed a change, and started to look more into floating and health in general.

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