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Creating Space for Nourishing Self Care

Self Care doesn’t look the same for everyone - and nor should it. You are a beautiful, divine and unique individual so it’s important to find ways to nourish yourself that really resonate with the person you are.

Self Care is actually one of those tasks that should be implemented as a top priority and ensures that others in our life receive the best of us.

Nourishing Self Care should ground you and bring you back to present moment with your body.

You can achieve this by;

• Doing something that connects you to your body, nature and the environment. This might be through eating a nourishing meal or sipping a warm tea using mindfulness techniques

• Releasing built up emotions that are becoming stagnant in the body. A lovely way to do this is through movement and flow using the breath.

• Removing yourself from situations that are no longer serving you. It’s ok to say no.

Remember, being with ourselves can be one of the hardest places to be. But this is where we can heal, find our peace, our compassion and our love.

So what are some of the steps for creating a safe space for Self Care?

1. Creating Time for Self Care

In order to make changes you need to allow time - this is the number one tip for self care. Schedule in self care as your first ‘to do’ item on your list - above all your other commitments. When we look after our selves, those we love receive the best of us. I like to sit down at the begin of each week with a beautiful herbal tea and structure my week with love and intention.

2. External Self Care

Saying No and removing yourself from toxic people and situations, is a form of self care. Don’t underestimate the power of letting go of past relationships that do not serve you. Grieve these, feel and lean into the pain and hurt, when we do this, we can process and let go. Coming from a place of love, kindness and compassion is always the best way to move through negative experiences. Remember that every single person is on their own journey. Your truth or understanding of a particular topic will be completely different to another person's truth. It’s all about perception.

3. Ways to Self Care

• Have a warm bath using some oils and magnesium salts

• Grounding yourself in nature - walking on the beach bare foot or walking through a forest.

• Create a Warm Drink such as a Tea and sip slowly. I love Sage tea for it’s uplifting and healing effects on the body.

• Reading a light hearted book

• Writing in a journal or write a story

• Incorporate quiet time - no devices, no TV, no LED lighting (use candles) and simply be still and take in what’s around you.

• Gentle Exercise - Yin Yoga, Hiking and Picnic

• Go out for breakfast or a meal by yourself

• Plan a few nights away just for you

The aim is to lower the stress caused to your adrenal glands. These are the glands that consistently produce hormones in response to fight or flight. Ideally your relaxation should be you time, with no one else. Have a break from your responsibilities and just focus on what bring you joy as an individual.

Lastly, work with what time you have and plan efficiently. It doesn’t need to be a full on day long plan - spending time intentionally without interruption can help you reconnect with yourself.

Do it with Intention and Purpose and you can’t go wrong.

Love & Light,


Tracey Soltys is a Molecular Biologist, Leading Health and Nutrition Coach, Host of The Mind Body Studio Podcast and Founder of Perth Wellness Tribe.

Tracey is based in Perth, Australia and you can reach her on instagram; @perthwellnesscoach @the_mindbodystudio @perthwellnesstribe and Facebook; @Perth Wellness Coach,

@The Mind Body Studio



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