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Stress is the New Black

Being ‘stressed’ and ‘busy’ seem to have become the new black – everyone is talking about it and it’s almost worn as some sort of status symbol. But before jump on this bandwagon, let’s look into the underlying impacts of stress, how our bodies handle stress, and some stress-reducing techniques that can help us.

What is trending?

The impact of stress, especially mental health stress during all these lockdowns that we’ve experienced over the last 2 years. We’ve been a bit luckier in Queensland, but we see it all over the news – mental health impacts for work-related items, financial stress and calls to lifeline that have gone through the roof.

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How do people speak about stress?

It’s all about the hustle. People think that four hours of sleep is all you need, but it is definitely not! It’s been proven time and time again with research that you need 7-8 hours of sleep – and it needs to be good sleep.

These days, a company will employ someone who gets the job done and is willing to work very long hours.

Recently, we caught up with friends who we haven’t seen for about a year, and all of them commented on how they were all stressed out with working many hours – working from home and sometimes they don’t get to eat. Juggling work and doing errands – picking up the kids from school, sending them to their swimming or gymnastics classes – sometimes not being able to see their partners for days.

Well, this isn’t healthy at all – this isn’t a lifestyle. These people are in their early 40s, how is that sustainable for another 20 years? It’s just not.

What is making us sick?

Let’s first understand the stress hormones called cortisol. Our adrenal glands, which are these tiny little organs that sit on top of our kidneys, control our fight and flight response. How we make adrenaline is how we also make cortisol.

In a short term, stressful environment, like studying for an exam, it’s a good boost of this cortisol. It ups your heart rate and stops your digestion. But if you’re constantly producing cortisol, your body is constantly in a fight or flight mode. Eventually, your digestive system slows down, you don’t breathe properly, your lymphatic system stops working, you get compromised immunity, and you don’t sleep well.

There are so many things that could happen to your body when you’re constantly stressed, which could lead to a lot of long-term health effects.

What should we watch out for?

You’ll know you’re overly stressed when you get a heart attack when you’re 45. But it doesn’t have to be that dramatic – don’t allow it to come to that. Little things like tightness in your chest or anxiety over three board meetings in a row – if these continue to happen, this could lead to heart disease.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system doesn’t work so you get sick all the time. I have friends in the financial services who are sick every time I call them because they’re not sleeping.

Stress can also lead to chronic inflammation which leads to every health disorder there is – from Parkinson’s disease to heart attacks and strokes.

And we might think that while being young, these things will never happen to us, but for female Australians right now, Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of death.

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A real-life story

80% of people who come to Cluzie Clinic come with some sort of stress concern. One client who owns a farm in Queensland was dependent on the weather and thus the farm was flooded / thunderstorms cut out power / or he loses his chickens. No matter what - he’s always in a lot of stress.

He had this extraordinarily high blood pressure of 240/120 that landed him in the hospital time and time again. It didn’t matter what the doctors did or what pills they’ve given him, they didn’t work to reduce the blood pressure.

We sat down and looked at him and we talked about this huge stress that he has with his business which is affecting his relationship. We looked at the big picture and we saw that these stresses are impacting his adrenal glands, his heart, and his nervous system. We had to slow him down and teach him a few tools to de-stress and after seeing him around six times, his blood pressure is now in the normal’ish range of 160/100

Top 5 stress-reducing tools

1. Box breathing – breathe in for 5, hold for 5, breathe out for 5, hold for 5. This is the easiest, simplest thing because breathing relaxes you and it gets your immune system working better.

2. Get into nature – beach/grass/lake/forest – whatever it is, get outside!

3. Cuddle an animal – relaxing endorphins are released when you snuggle a kitten or pat a dog.

4. Download SOLFEGGIO frequency music – its frequency works on your DNA to relax you.

5. Meditate – even if your meditation is going for a run rather than the traditional sitting still in a bendy pose, get your you-time in.

If you ask any nurse that’s working a critical area or doctors that work in end-of-life care, not one person says, ‘I wish I had worked harder.’ They all say, ‘I wish I had lived more for me and not worked so hard.’

You only have one chance at life, do you really want to spend it in a stressed state?

Remember, don’t work so hard - make sure you have the perfect balance of time for yourself. Yes, play hard but rest hard too!

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Claire Dunkley is becoming instrumental in revolutionising the Healthcare Industry with the introduction of Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy technology to help heal patients at the cause of their issue and not just symptom management. Most of her clients experience a 50% reduction in pain within minutes of ANF disc application with no side effects. Claire is on a mission to educate as many healthcare professionals in ANF Therapy so that more people can become pain-free and live full and happy lives. About Cluzie Clinic Cluzie Clinic is a holistic health clinic that utilises ground-breaking Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy, a revolutionary, life changing healing modality that enables our clients to become pain-free without using drugs, chemicals or intrusive treatments. Our qualified practitioners use these ANF discs to heal at the source, rather than the symptom. With long-lasting results and up to a 50% reduction in pain within the first fifteen minutes of ANF disc application, Cluzie Clinic hopes to never see you again for that issue … in the nicest possible way! ANF Therapy is ideal for those suffering from illness, disease or injury. This transformative therapy improves physical and sporting performance and reduces pain and inflammation. Learn more about Cluzie Clinic and connect with Claire here: www.cluzie.com https://www.facebook.com/cluzieclinic/ https://www.instagram.com/cluzieenterprises/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-dunkley-874b8016a/


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