• Catherine Thompson

Why Loose Leaf Tea is Best

Loose leaf tea offers many benefits over tea bags and when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea it really is the superior choice! Loose leaf tea tastes better, is fresher and is a much healthier option than tea bags.

Tea bags are often made from tea dust and fannings which are small particles left over from tea production, unfortunately these are not optimal when making a wholesome cup of tea. When the tea has been processed into small particles like this the leaves lose their essential oils much quicker and as a result the tea will suffer from a lack of freshness and flavour. When tea is mass produced like this it will typically spend months or even years on the shelf before being distributed.

Another problem with tea bags are the materials being used in the bag itself. Although tea bags are made of paper pulp, unfortunately manufacturers now add polypropylene (a type of plastic) to the bags to help heat seal them and prevent the bag from splitting when making contact with hot water. The percentage of polypropylene found in tea bags has been shown to be 20-30 percent!

Polypropylene is a strong plastic and difficult to break down, taking hundreds and even thousands of years to do so resulting in environmental strain. Whilst it is considered one of the safest plastic options for use in food consumption, not all polypropylene is created equal. Plastic products are often made with fillers, additives and chemicals and polypropylene is not exempt from this. Polypropylene has been shown to have a negative effect on hormones, particularly female hormones and has been linked with fertility problems as it mimics oestrogen. It can also cause digestive irritation and allergies. Loose leaf tea really is the safest and best option!

Loose leaf tea offers a stronger flavour profile than tea bags as the tea leaves are fresher and less ground down. Tea bags separate the warm water from the leaves which affects the flavour as well. Loose leaf tea has more room to expand and infuse in the water which allows for more potent levels of vitamins, minerals, aromas and taste.

Loose leaf tea is definitely the preferred choice when it comes to making tea. This is why we chose for all of our tea to be loose leaf. Our tea is sourced directly from our supplier where the tea is grown, picked and dried naturally in house.

It really is easy to brew loose leaf when you have the right accessories. We have some beautiful pieces available on our website to make your tea brewing experience easeful.

You won't regret switching to loose leaf tea, your body and the environment will thank you.

Catherine x

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